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9 votes

If you are going to write tag wikis PLEASE read the guidelines and STOP writing definitions of everyday words

edit 2016 Sept 14 I think hippietrail and I are in broad agreement and hope this post is not perceived as argumentative, so I've trimmed my original post down. Basically we want to remember that ...
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4 votes

Please merge the "child" tag into the "children" tag

All done. Thanks for bringing this up. I think we should revamp the good old seasonal tag handling post we used to have.
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3 votes

Do we need both tags "event travel" and "events"?

I agree they should be merged. In addition, I think the tag "event-based-effects" should be renamed "incident-based-effects" to make it more distinct.
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3 votes

Please add/suggest a tag wiki when creating a tag

I am aware others disagree but I agree. IMO more important to reduce the risk of, for example, mco (presently only applied to questions about Orlando) being applied also to ones about Miscellaneous ...
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2 votes

Health tag, vaccinations, modify tag description?

vaccination as well as health does not seem necessary to me at this time. Nor a separation of health into 'administrative' and say 'physical/mental' aspects. So what is left basically would be ...
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