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13 votes

Is there a policy on multiple accounts?

It is allowed to have more than one account but they may not interact in a way aimed at manipulating user reputation. It is not a problem to have multiple accounts, as long as they aren't voting ...
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12 votes

How to handle people editing questions for nefarious reasons?

You as a user don't need to do anything except flagging the post for moderator attention. Don't engage in edit wars and don't post any comments on the subject under the post. If necessary you can also ...
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5 votes

Does Travel.SE have a shadow ban capability?

Questions that are downvoted so that the net score is -4 or less are not shown on the Home screen: They do show up on the Questions view: https://travel....
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4 votes

Traditional English place names or current official English place names for tags?

Stack Exchange sites should use official toponyms, accepted by the United Nations (UNGEGN). Any other naming would inevitably become disputed. Moreover, a misleading spelling at a Travel site can ...
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2 votes

Are public contact details allowed on a TSE profile?

I have asked more moderators and staff in a chatroom and the answer is that it is not against the rules to post contact details. It is also very much discouraged to contact fellow users outside the on ...
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How to handle people editing questions for nefarious reasons?

Perhaps we could just agree that we will prefer Kiev/Kyiv instead of either separately, if there is some sort of clear respect issue that some of our users are facing if we use one to the exclusion of ...
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