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About our site-specific blog just for travel.stackexchange, should we decide to have one.

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Does Travel SE Have Its Own Blog Site?

I was wondering if Travel SE has it own blog site in common with other SE sites, as I recognise various people on here are well seasoned travellers and are always on the move ?
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Can someone please write a blog post about Schengen visas?

What's happening with the blog, eh mods? ;) (It's fun to yell when I'm no longer responsible ;)). Anyway, I'm so not the expert on this topic, but we have soo many about Schengen visas, it'd be nice ...
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How to submit ideas for our "coming soon" blog?

A few of us are playing around with the Stack Exchange APIs which led me to ask a question on webapps.SE which led me to play around a bit more with webapps.SE and I came across this great crossover ...
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Who wants to be the Travel Stack Exchange blogger?

Today on chat a few of us plugged travel related websites made by us, by people we know, or that we just found. I had already made a beta post to mention a few sites but we realized the best place to ...
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