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Are meta tags OK now, or do we just not know what meta tags are, or have we decided to ignore Stack Exchange policies? [duplicate]

Six years ago, our venerable overlords at Stack Exchange had a hissy fit about what it calls "meta tags": The Death of Meta Tags We have also discussed them at least once, four and a half years ...
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Gap between Travel and Expatriates

Regarding this question: UK student visitor visa refused, Erasmus Mundus scholarship. This was closed on Travel, since as a rule questions about studying abroad are off topic, and recommended posting ...
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Travel.SE featured on StackExchange podcast

In StackExchange podcast #42, they talked about the graduation of Travel.SE. (The bit about Travel is around 36 minutes to 43 minutes.) Apparently, the graduation was held up because Joel had strong ...
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Make country-specific travel questions more likely to be advertised in language and usage sites

It'd be nice if questions about travel to country X were more likely to appear in the cross-site ads in "X Language & Usage" stack exchanges. For example, japan questions appear on Japanese ...
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How to submit ideas for our "coming soon" blog?

A few of us are playing around with the Stack Exchange APIs which led me to ask a question on webapps.SE which led me to play around a bit more with webapps.SE and I came across this great crossover ...
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Is it necessary to migrate questions that are in scope for travel but also within scope of other StackExchange sites?

I understand the importance of creating communities on various StackExchange sites that are tightly organised around a specific topic and keeping the questions on each site on topic. However, I ...
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