This question What documents should I take to the interview for my US B2 visa application? was closed as ‘opinion-based’ but part of it asked for advice on documents to take to the visa interview. Phoog’s answer includes a link to information on the topic which would be useful to others but might get ‘lost’ given the closure.

Similarly, How to prove that you have significant ties with family in your home country? is a FAQ with a great answer, but it was closed as unclear.

Note: In case anyone wonders why I’m asking, it’s because I‘m drafting a Community Wiki US visas overview community wiki to avoid duplicates for duplicate US visa-related questions. I’d like to include these questions in the wiki, but it looks a bit odd because of their closed status.

  • These two? ( the ones I have just reopened.)
    – Willeke Mod
    Commented Aug 4, 2019 at 16:43


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