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8 votes

Should incorrect answers be deleted?

I guess it's important to differentiate between low quality answers and wrong answers. Low quality answers should be edited to improve the quality. On the other hand, mods normally don't delete wrong ...
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8 votes

Should incorrect answers be deleted?

If a wrong answer is a decent-quality representation of a common mistake or misunderstanding, then it can be useful to have it there, low-scoring, below answers that are correct, with a clear comment ...
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3 votes

Should incorrect answers be deleted?

The only flags you would have to flag for deletion of wrong answers (mod notice aside) are very low quality (VLQ) and not an answer (NAA). NAA should be used in cases where an ‘answer’ is actually ...
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2 votes

Mile High question needs to be cleaned up

Where an Accepted A does not match the OP as asked I suggest the author of the accepted A adjusts the Q (as little as possible, unless generally improving it) to match. I have done so a few times ...
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