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For anyone wondering about Daniil

I am really disappointed to hear this news, and I was genuinely surprised to hear it was due to Daniil's age, and like many others I have tried to come up with a solution that would have allowed them ...
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How to handle questions if the user changes accounts?

This is a somewhat common situation, which can be split into two separate issues: What to do with the suggested edit? What to do with the "duplicate" user? Handling Edits from Re-Registered/...
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1 vote

"Next tag badge" progress bar does not update

For the sake of an answer, to copy a Comment from @mts: As of recently this bug seems to have been resolved, both under tags and in the progress bar the count updates almost instantly. – mts Jul ...
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Map addition to user profile

Not worth the bother. Too few users are even inclined to show anything meaningful under Location in their Profile. Out of over 33k users only 55 have provided details here.
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