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Ask SE to disclose IP country information

This would breach some privacy assumptions, and would also be incorrect for a certain percentage of users. So for these two reasons I would suggest it is not a good idea for SE to do this. On the ...
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Ask SE to disclose IP country information

This idea has two obvious flaws in my opinion: Making localisation information available is somewhat a violation of user privacy. Unless this information is available to moderators alone, in which ...
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Ask SE to disclose IP country information

In addition to Rory's answer, if someone wants to share his/her real location, he/she simply can edit the location field in the profile page. In many questions, we used that as a reference to answer. ...
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Allow tag creation on mobile site

Sorry, this isn't something we can enable on a per-site basis. The mobile code (both website and app) don't even include any logic for handling new tags. For now, a workaround might be to just use ...
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This spammer should be deleted

Moderators are notified when a sustained flag is generated. There's no need to post to remove a given spam user. Mods will see it and take action accordingly. Just red-flag the post.
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Please create a tag, preferably pink, for 'announcements'

The pink tags have been created for very specific meanings. The faq tag is probably the most special of them since it is meant to replace the previous FAQ sections the site had (and that were ...
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Can we please get tags to show in question headings on meta?

[tag:tag-name] is considered to be markdown. Similar requests have already been made and declined in the past. Please check http://meta.stackexchange.com before writing feature-request that would ...
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