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Questions tagged [winter-bash]

For questions about Stack Exchange's now annual event during which hats may be earned.

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3 votes
0 answers

Winter Bash 2021!

Continuing the tradition: Winter Bash started today and will run into the new year. Useful links: Official site Travel leaderboard Unofficial hat list Final standings: Mark Mayo (12 hats) Xnero (11 ...
8 votes
6 answers

Winterbash 2020! Join us on Travel!

It'd be really cool to see Travel members compete on the Winterbash this year! It starts in a few days and if you can especially target hats that improve the website, that'd be fantastic. We also ...
4 votes
0 answers

Travel Winterbash 2018 - join us!

Winterbash is back for 2018, and there's always some friendly travel competition to see who can get the best/most awesome/most hats. The Travel Leaderboard Currently, the rankings are as follows: ...
9 votes
1 answer

Hats are back!! Get into the annual Winterbash! 456 users have earned 1354 hats thus far!

The annual Winterbash is on again, so grab your hats while you can! Overall, Travel is currently ranked 26th. Travel's own leaderboard is visible here. Current top 5: JonathanReez - 26 hats. Mark ...
14 votes
2 answers

Winter Bash hat challenge 2016 - as a community, do we have all the hats?

Since Winter Bash has started - let's see who can get the hats. Record any hats you have below. For our leaderboard: Travel Winter Bash 2016 Leaderboard.
5 votes
1 answer

December double site competition around hats!

For those competitive, please simply edit the answer below when you want to 'enter' the competition. It'll simply be: whoever gets the most combined numbers of hats on Travel.SE and on Expats.SE, in ...
8 votes
2 answers

So... how about them hats?

'Tis the season! Winter Bash is back on participating Stack Exchange sites in full effect, from 16 December 2013 until 3 January 2014. For those of us young 'uns who weren't around last year, Winter ...
19 votes
3 answers

Winterbash 2016 - Yay or Nay? Hats!

So the Winterbash season is upon us already (still feels weird when it's summer in Australia), and we need to vote on whether travel.SE gets it. Please vote accordingly below. For everyone who wasn't ...
12 votes
3 answers

Do you want hats? Winterbash 2015!

Winter Bash is back on participating Stack Exchange sites in full effect, from 14 December 2015 until 3 January 2016. Winter Bash is an annual event that can run on any Stack Exchange site that ...