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Peer voting on questions and answers gives users most of their reputation, and also usually controls how posts are sorted to the top. [From]

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21 votes
3 answers

Should downvotes count as upvotes for the photo contests?

In the August 2019 photo competition: 'Seen through a train window.', there is the following text in the rules: All votes count as upvotes, (to decide the winner.) I asked Willeke, the ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Proposal: Voting Bonanza

We just ended the The Great 5 Year Anniversary Bounty Bonanza - CLOSED - mts won and it was a great success. However one thing I personally found discouraging is the low number of votes attracted ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is it justified to require a list of 27 items to be given by a sinlge user instead of several users contributing parts?

In this question, it was required that one user gives an overview over 27 EU countries. People contributing only parts of the answer were downvoted. Is that justified? I can understand that 1-by-1 ...
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