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The tagging system appears to be broken

With many thanks to RoflcoptrException a lot of tags have recently been renamed or synonymised. These include, for example, renaming drone to drones and ecuador-citizens to ecuadorian-citizens. ...
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A bug in some links

This question had a long link, which was not showing correctly after saving, it was showing ok in preview while editing.. but after posting it doesn't. Check the history to see how does it look like. ...
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Why did I just get the close privilege?

Someone just upvoted one of my questions, and I got a notification. At the same time (likely due to that action) I also got a notification that I was awarded the close/reopen voting privilege. That's ...
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Tag for 'gender' request

I'd like to request a tag for gender, since it seems like there might be a lot of questions about navigating expectations around gender as people travel places with different cultures. Would've used ...
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Change [ecuador-citizen] to [ecuador-citizens]

I created the ecuador-citizen instead of ecuador-citizens, can someone with powers fix this please.
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Why were my examples edited out

In Can I bring computer parts (eg: Intel CPU) from US to the UK? (emphasis mine) my answer contained examples of Intel CPUs, examples that I actually researched to make sure they are correct (the i7-...
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Why was this flag declined?

Is there any way to tell if someone has been through our hotel room? I flagged this specific answer as being needed to be deleted, as the answer could not stand on its own, as the answer relied on a ...
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Can only diamond mods close questions as duplicates of unanswered questions?

I noticed that Question B is closed as a duplicate of Question A. I tried to VTC Question C as a duplicate of Question A, but couldn't because Question A is unanswered. Is closing a question as ...
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Certificate error while loading site for first time

I used chrome to access the website for first time and it says "This site's security certificate is not trused" and this site is whereas the certificate is from *....
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Links to Hostelbookers are not allowed?

I tried editing an answer on a question which had linked to hostelworld but had no link to hostelbookers. For some reason, links to hostelbookers are not allowed - I get an error?? As someone who has ...
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Can someone please move this question to this site?

I have asked this question on the Language Learning website. It has not yet received an answer. But a user told me in a comment that Travel site is more suitable for my question. I asked there for a ...
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Please unlock and open question 125122

With reference to question How to get live status of train in a website?, I would like to reopen it and rephrase it. The title could be: How to get the live status of an Indian train? There are 2 ...
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When are profiles between Meta and Travel synchronized/updated?

I just recieved the Yearling badge two times on my travel.meta-profile in about 30 minutes. Since I joined travel.stackexchange about 2 years ago and I do have over 200 reputation, this is not the ...
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