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Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.

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This spammer should be deleted

This user: has posted a two spam answers. The spam answers are probably the only contribution they will ever make. I think this user should be ...
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Comment Overflow

I just checked one of my question and I saw that the comments are overlapping with top network posts in the right panel. Cannot reproduce on other SE sites. Browser : Chrome canary for android
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Please create a tag, preferably pink, for 'announcements'

There are now getting on for 1,000 questions on meta (actually 924), of which 901 are Open and 23 are Closed. Of the Open ones 838 have answers and 63 not. There are 336 questions with Accepted ...
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Can we please get tags to show in question headings on meta?

As seen in this question, despite the use of [tag:work-visas] it's not converting to the cool work-visas like it does in the body. Can we fix this, or is there some reason not to?
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Ask SE to disclose IP country information

So, a lot of questions on travel.SE would be helped by knowing where a user is from to understand the context from which the question is being asked. Now, it just occured to me that making that ...
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Allow tag creation on mobile site

Currently, the site doesn't allow tag creation via the mobile site, presumably to avoid fat-fingering causing misspelt tags to be created. I can see this policy making sense for Stack Overflow, which ...
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Header breaks in Internet Explorer

Just opened Travel StackExchange in Internet Explorer ( IE 8 ). The header breaks. It does not display the Tags / Users/Badges and Unanswered.
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Inaccurate FAQ section about moderator tools

As reputation requirement is lower on this beta site than in SO site, then not everything on this page is accurate. I'm talking about the section How many times can I vote to delete per day?. As ...
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