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How is my question opinion-based?

This question of mine: Where have people gone when CouchSurfing became subscriber-only? has been closed as opinion-based. But - it's a factual question and I explicitly said I'm not interested in ...
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Would a question on how to clean/maintain scuba goggles be on topic?

My question is along the lines of how to properly clean and maintain scuba goggles so as to avoid them fogging during use. I considered asking here on Travel, Home Improvement, and over on sports. I'm ...
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Moderation principle

I have many issues with what happened to Why is the subway in Seoul so cheap? I see absolutely nothing in the question that is objectionable or in need of moderation. There is a mildly (but only ...
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Why was this question about tipping closed?

Why close there's a Tipping tag with 112 questions. Chris H says I didn't address his question. Apologies – I thought this was obvious. I typed out ...
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Is "Does ryanair allow an extra bag if bought at the airport shops" a duplicate?

I am creating this question in Meta to bring attention again to this question. I would like it to open reopened. Does ryanair allow an extra bag if bought at the airport shops? I am the OP, and ...
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Is "What 4WD vehicle is necessary for Waipoli Road?" really a duplicate?

Why was What 4WD vehicle is necessary for Waipoli Road? closed as a duplicate of How much does an SUV help, for driving popular but poorly paved roads on Big Island?? The former's about a road in Maui;...
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