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Questions about strongly travel-related shopping. Note that in most cases on Stack Exchange generally, shopping is considered off-topic.

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Is there any nuance to the price-shopping policy?

I recently asked Cost a local would expect to pay for a short Indian elephant “safari” [closed] [...] I don't care about the "cheapest" option, nor do I care about a specific location or ...
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When is price-shopping a valid reason to close and when isn't it?

One of the options you're presented with when nominating a question for closure on the basis of being off-topic is as follows: Questions on price-shopping for specific goods or services are off-...
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Recommendations for 'shopping'

Not to pick on anyone, but there've been a few recent questions that come very close to bordering on failing our [faq] Examples: Recommendation for accommodation in Montreal Can anyone recommend a ...
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Cheapest way from x to y

We have quite a few of these style questions, which are only going to become more common. Without fail, my first reaction is to want to answer that hitchhiking is the cheapest, but obviously, many ...
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