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Questions about the differences between good questions and bad ones, about how to spot bad ones and make them better, etc.

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My question about prepaid roaming billing was closed. I've improved it. Perhaps we could reopen it, or perhaps I could somehow improve it more?

My question about prepaid roaming billing was closed. Perhaps it was too carrier-specific. I've now edited it to make it non-carrier-specific. Is it ready to be reopened? If not, is there some way I ...
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How should questions/answers on how to do something illegal be treated?

There are quite a few questions related to overstaying visa, working illegally without proper visa, etc. How should questions and answers suggesting criminal activity be treated here?
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What about these cellphone questions?

Sorry to bother you again. After pointing out some inconsistencies, I found the following questions, quite close to each other on the main page. They are about cellphones: Usable cell phone network ...
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To park for free or not to park for free?

I have observed an inconsistency. The question Free parking in downtown San Jose, CA? has bee closed and heavily downvoted (-3), whereas the question Free parking in downtown Mountain View? has ...
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Asking question about prices in non-local currency?

There are quite some question type "is $3000 enough for two weeks in Europe", "is $300 enough for train itinerary in Central Europe" etc. There are two issues with these, one is ambiguity of $ sign (...
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Is this just impatience or reputation hoarding?

There has been a lot of discussion of the question below: Can I land in a different time zone before my take off time? The question as worded is really unclear and yet has received quite a few ...
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Out of date questions

So we have some questions that are now definitely out of date. The info is potentially still useful, but questions like the one about Cairo in January 2012, or London during the 2012 Olympics - ...
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Questions closed should require discussion

This question: Why do the Japanese wear masks like Surgeons in Tokyo? was closed with no down-votes, no discussion, no attempt to clarify for the user how to ask it appropriately, and an incorrect ...
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Do we really want all these “best phone for country X” questions?

We have a lot of questions asking what the best phone plan is for country X or Y: In the US, what's a good prepaid GSM SIM card without a phone? How well do foreign cell phones work in Japan? ...
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How to handle double questions?

This question, was asking two unrelated questions: How to go to Manchester from London? Is there any 3g data package that works across Europe? Unfortunately, there is no option to move answers from ...
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