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Questions about more or less official site policies on how we should use and behave on the site.

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Does Travel.SE have a shadow ban capability?

Recently I have seen some questions (that I have added comments to) completely disappear from the main page. I have previously attributed this to the question being deleted. But I noticed today that ...
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Is there a policy on multiple accounts?

There's a certain small group (maybe 4 or 5) of users who I very strongly suspect (due to the combination of a very distinctive writing style, a shared affinity for particular very specific question ...
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How to handle people editing questions for nefarious reasons?

I've noticed a disturbing (to me) trend of people based in Ukraine searching the travel site for anyone who asks a question about Kiev, who upon encountering such questions perform an edit to change ...
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Are meta tags OK now, or do we just not know what meta tags are, or have we decided to ignore Stack Exchange policies? [duplicate]

Six years ago, our venerable overlords at Stack Exchange had a hissy fit about what it calls "meta tags": The Death of Meta Tags We have also discussed them at least once, four and a half years ...
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Netiquette for summarizing other answers in a new answer

This question is the go-to duplicate thread for any flight-search engine question on Travel SE. It has 10+ answers and at least for me (and I guess fresh users as well) that is too much scrolling down ...
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Since when SE allow such accusations?

The comment The mods response?
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Should we be encouraging others to break the law?

What are the options to travel to Mecca or Jabal al-Nour as a non-Muslim? I feel needs broader discussion. This answer encourages a traveler to break the law saying: What's the maximum that can ...
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How much snark is allowed in answers and, when too much, what to do about it?

In the recent question regarding Carrying a handgun in other countries with a US concealed carry permit, a couple of the (highly-upvoted) answers contained a slightly snarky sentence at the end: From ...
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General Ignorance: A plea for tolerance

Lots of people have misconceptions about various destinations. Personally, I've been guilty of: Thinking Tokyo would have been badly affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Thinking Tokyo would ...
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Is it OK for me to retrospectively "generalise" my own questions? [duplicate]

With concerns about a question being closed as "too broad" in the back of my head, I tend to ask questions such as this one about metropolitan airport codes when I have a specific example of an ...
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Traditional English place names or current official English place names for tags?

We have had some discussions before about Native placenames vs English placenames and placenames with accents, umlauts, diacritics. But this question is about a different case. In English many ...
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What policies do we have for the politics of names?

Names can be controversial. The government of Burma/Myanmar changed the countries' name to Myanmar, but many people choose to say Burma for political reasons. Another example would be Dersim/Tunceli ...
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Proposal for high-rep users to write tag wikis for new tags they create

I've mentioned this in the chatroom before but I think it's worth making a real proposal now that tagging is somehow topical here at travel.SE. If some concept is so important that it needs a new tag,...
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Are we too hard on list questions?

Anyone who's been on travel.SE for a while knows we don't like list questions. I thought it was established Stack Exchange policy that "list questions are bad". But I was on another site (...
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Is it okay to add an image to somebody else's question?

I kind of did it before asking this on this question, and it occurred to me that some people might not like it --after all it's their own question. Do you think it's acceptable to do it, and if yes, ...
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