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Questions about choosing which name of a place to use, or which spelling of a name. (Not for questions just about how to format or disambiguate tags for placenames.)

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21 votes
3 answers

Traditional English place names or current official English place names for tags?

We have had some discussions before about Native placenames vs English placenames and placenames with accents, umlauts, diacritics. But this question is about a different case. In English many ...
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6 answers

Suggesting to swap tag [kyiv] and its synonym [kiev]

Updated September 2020 The original request has been declined by a moderator arguing that: And our current standard is to use Wikipedia for reference, which lists the city as Kiev currently. Once ...
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9 votes
4 answers

"The Czech Republic" versus "Czechia"

I have a concern about this edit on Crossing boundary for couple hours inside Schengen with children. The name of my country, Czechia was changed to Czech Republic. First, this is incorrect since the ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Using the English name of cities

I have suggested an edit but it was rejected. @Kate Gregory rejected it because I should "use English names for all cities or none". Nuremberg is the english name of Nürnberg, but there is no ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Place names in question titles

In a recent question I left the place name out of the title, because it was explicit in the tags. It was quickly edited to include the place name in the title. As far as I'm aware, on other SE sites, ...
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2 answers

What policies do we have for the politics of names?

Names can be controversial. The government of Burma/Myanmar changed the countries' name to Myanmar, but many people choose to say Burma for political reasons. Another example would be Dersim/Tunceli ...
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Place Name Spelling

I noticed that Moher was misspelled twice in a post, which could make searches a nuisance, so I attempted to correct the two instances, however, I received this message: Oops! Your edit couldn't be ...
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