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For questions about the various user interface and email elements used to notify users of events on the site. (From

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No message or voting notifications

On most stacks that I am a member of, message and voting notifications arrive at my browser automatically (when I am logged in) so I can go and have look. However I get no notifications from Travel ...
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Review marker not resetting

On this site, in the top of the page there is an option for a red markers, next to the word review, which should show how many posts are waiting for your review. On TSE, when under 10K rep, the ...
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Is there a way of silencing bounty notifications?

Every time I post a bounty, StackExchange starts annoying me with useless notifications: "Your bounty ends in 3 days", "Your bounty ends in 1 day", "Your bounty is over", etc. Is there a way of ...
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Unread inbox messages

I wanted to ask a question about the visual cue that appears when you have a pending message... It lights up red and displays the number of pending messages. In this case it is "1". But sometimes it ...
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Is there a way to get notifications when (and only when) questions with a favorite tag appear?

I live in Israel, so if someone needs help with questions about Israel I want to help. But I don't want to need to enter the site periodically to check if new questions were posted. Is there a way to ...
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