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Questions about using photos, illustrations, maps, or any other type of image in questions and answers.

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How do I upload an image?

Sometimes we have to ask the OP to scan and upload an image. But it turns out there's apparently a rep hurdle for doing that. Earlier this week we told an OP that we needed an image and one of the ...
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Use of Images, is there a stackexchange policy

I am amazed at the image used in Can I fly with a gold bar? this is apparently not the OP's image ( and no, the OP did not say that and practically ...
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What should be the size of image for faster loading on a post?

I am trying to add a tourist location photo to my post. It is 4MB in size. But it takes a long time to load. For a faster loading, what should be the average size of the image? Can users have ...
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Is it okay to add an image to somebody else's question?

I kind of did it before asking this on this question, and it occurred to me that some people might not like it --after all it's their own question. Do you think it's acceptable to do it, and if yes, ...
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