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Questions tagged [guidelines]

Questions about any guiding principles we should keep in mind about how to ask and answer questions and use any moderation features or indeed any site features. Less strong that "policy" and what's in the FAQ.

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9 votes
1 answer

If you are going to write tag wikis PLEASE read the guidelines and STOP writing definitions of everyday words

Please everybody, it's great to write tag wikis. But read the guidelines first! If the tag has an unusual name or meaning most people don't already know, then it's find to define the term in the tag ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Are we too hard on list questions?

Anyone who's been on travel.SE for a while knows we don't like list questions. I thought it was established Stack Exchange policy that "list questions are bad". But I was on another site (...
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6 votes
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Proposal for high-rep users to write tag wikis for new tags they create

I've mentioned this in the chatroom before but I think it's worth making a real proposal now that tagging is somehow topical here at travel.SE. If some concept is so important that it needs a new tag,...
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