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A lightweight, plain-text, markup language called Markdown. It is used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting (Questions, answers, wikis, chat). (From

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1 answer

Comment Formatting Goes Awry

I just tried to add a Comment to this question. My proposed comment contained a basic link to The form of the comment was the basic link formatting for Comments, but the ...
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1 answer

Use of back ticks vs quotes

I just answered a question and as per being beaten into submission multiple times in the past by people editing my previous missives, I used back ticks to highlight some text. (See my answer here) ...
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Code and table formatting sandbox

Use this post a sandbox for formatted code and tables. You can also use an online tool to generate these kinds of tables. Tables ╔══════════════╦════════╦═══════════════╦═════════════════╗ ║ Country ...
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Unable to post Chinese characters?

I just wrote an answer to a question about Japan, but it's rejecting all my attempts to enter any kanji (Chinese characters used in Japan) like this guy with this error message: Hiragana (すし) and ...
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Creating Hyperlinks When Writing A Comment?

So last week I finally figured out how to create hyperlinks to a website when writing an answer and obviously it looks much more neat, tidy and professional than just providing the raw url. How do I ...
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