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For questions specific to down-votes, the community's way of telling peers that their content can be improved. Down-votes on meta site have different meanings. (From

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2 answers

Was my answer downvoted due to anti-semitism?

My answer: Where is a celebration-free, little-to-no Christmas skiing destination during the holiday season? received 3 downvotes with no explanation. It also received comments complaining about "...
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2 answers

Is this down-vote in my answer justified?

I gave an answer to this question but user ptityeti down-voted it mentioning: -1 Manaslu is a clear example where it is required. I've heard of plenty of people that they where stopped at the Jagat ...
11 votes
1 answer

Does not trying reverse image search constitute "lack of research"?

When hovering over the downvote button, the following text appears: This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful. If an identify-this question is easily findable ...
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Are down votes on closed questions reclaimed?

Sometimes I need to down vote a question because it is inappropriate or misconceived or just plain off-the-wall. When I do this I will also initiate a close vote. I have had the understanding that,...
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2 answers

If an answer recommends a site, and I find the site is not helpful, should I downvote the answer?

This answer recommends a particular hostel search engine website. For reasons I explained in a comment, I think this is a bad website (not useful, claiming to be complete but has 0 of 4 nearby ...
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Is it justified to require a list of 27 items to be given by a sinlge user instead of several users contributing parts?

In this question, it was required that one user gives an overview over 27 EU countries. People contributing only parts of the answer were downvoted. Is that justified? I can understand that 1-by-1 ...
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2 answers

Why close/downvote so quickly?

Could someone explain to me why this question is open and has 6 votes, whereas this question is closed? To me they are highly similar (subjective) questions. I have the impression that there are ...
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