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The Upcoming 10 Year Travel.SE Anniversary

Travel.SE is turning ten years old! (If you’re curious, you can see our very first question here - unfortunately it was closed, not a great start, but our first non-closed question is here.) To ...
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How does one determine the "consensus view"?

Where there are questions about the Community's 'consensus' view (many of which relate to tagging as the tag most often applied on meta TSE in conjunction with discussion) users may refer to decisions ...
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Rude, pointless or lengthy chats in comments

We've been getting a TON of mod notifications recently for rude, abusive, pointless (chatty) or lengthy chats in comments. We get auto notifications for lengthy ones and will clean them up, but we ...
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Have we visited all the countries / territories as a community?

It occurred to me that while we have badges for tag experts etc, it might be useful to try and identify who has been to which countries/territories, as you could then ask that person about it in [chat]...
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Where can one meet other Travel.SE members?

I've been fortunate to meet other members on the site in Vancouver, Montreal and NYC, and I know other meetups have happened. I wondered if perhaps a community-wiki type list by continent and city ...
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Travel.SE meetup: London, Oct 11

Anyone in the London, UK area is invited to the Parcel Yard Pub, inside the King's Cross station (info here) at 5:30pm, Friday 11th October, 2013. Walk to platform 9 3/4 (no really!) and the pub is ...
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