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Travel-specific badges

I actually don't know if any other SE sites have this, but hypothetically what bronze, silver and gold badges would you add to Travel.SE if you could? Bear in mind it'd need to be something ON-SITE, ...
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Travel Badge Ranking List

In a fun attempt to try to add some competition other than just rep, let's look at the number of badges earned on the site. I'll list some of the higher ones, but feel free to add / update rankings - ...
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Vox populi flag vs daily limit of votes

"Next badge" section of my profile shows that I have 36/40 needed votes today to get "Vox Populi" ("Use the maximum 40 votes in a day"). However when I'm trying to vote on any post or answer it's ...
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What do the numbers for "awarded" mean for badges?

On main page Badges indicates that for Mortarboard 261 have been awarded: On meta the number is shown as 2: What do these numbers signify, if anything - in particular the 2 for meta - given the ...
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How do I get the cleanup badge?

I have seen first rollback awarded to few users in TSE, I just want to know that: How do they normally achieve that?
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Where's my silver air-travel?

412 air-travel × 81 and no silver tag badge :( Here Earn at least 400 total score for at least 80 non-community wiki ...
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What is the concept behind having a Peer Pressure Badge?

I was just going through this list of badges and I find that I can receive what is known as a Peer Pressure Badge if I delete a post which has a score of -3 or lower. What is the concept behind this? ...
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"Next tag badge" progress bar does not update

When you are on the "Activity" tab of your user profile you can choose to track the progress towards tag badges. This however does not update when you get new rep/answer more questions, unless you un-...
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Gold Tag Badge Issue

I had a gold tag badge in 'uk', but it appears to have become confounded (recently) with the 'united-kingdom' tag badge, where I have been given a bronze tag badge. Apparently this occurred by some ...
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What triggered the Generalists?

Overnight 33 people (including me) were awarded Generalist. I know this is a badge you can meet the requirements for yourself but not get because the site doesn't meet some requirement. Remind me what ...
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Is there a way to know ho many of my comments have a score of 5 or more to obtain the Pundit badge?

I understand badges are a way for users to track their achievements while helping the community. Usually there is a way for the user to know how far he is from obtaining a new badge, specially for ...
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Prominent tags needing descriptions - want to get your tag editor badge?

Are you a good writer? Do you have a few minutes to spare? Why not update some tags and get the tag editor badge! Our tags generally have some pretty good descriptions. However, we could do with a ...
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Does being the victim of retaliatory downvoting affect eligibility for Curious?

Does being the subject of serial downvoting or other retaliatory downvoting affect eligibility for the Curious badge? I've been subject to serial downvoting in the past, by someone smart enough to ...
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