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Clarification about delete vote [closed]

Someone voted to delete this answer. I'm the only one who called the troll's bluff, and now it's clear to everyone that he was just trolling you. The amount of downvotes there is a testament to his ...
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Rule 2: Don't judge people's motivations for traveling

Sometimes people start questioning peoples motivations on asking a question. The most typical example that comes to mind is when some question is asked on dealing with annoyances on long distance ...
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Could something be done to make this site more friendly?

I contribute to several stackexchange sites (under another name). I have been amazed at the civility and the amount of expertise available compared to other collaborative platforms elsewhere on the ...
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Retaliation and personal and political vendettas [closed]

Something I have only encountered on Travel@SE of all the SE sites I'm writing on, is the retaliation downvotes and personal vendettas. My answers are always downvoted when I mention Israel, and are ...
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If you see sexist content, do something

If you see sexist / homophobic / whatever-ist content, do something about it. This may be talking to the person about why they shouldn't say it, but if you're not prepared to do that, flag it instead....
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Why are personal attacks allowed on this site?

Recently, as I was browsing the Hot Questions here, I came upon a question about allowing others to take your place on a bus. One of the answers was based on personal experience, and while short and ...
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Can the community be less hostile to new questions?

My First Question on TSE I recently asked my first question (Is it objectionable to carry someone else's passport across the UK Border?) on TSE. While watching a show where UK Customs confiscated ...
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Do we need guidelines on how to behave on the chat, also for Moderators?

Let me start by stating that I consider a bit like a free zone. Whatever is considered off-topic in both or meta is possible on the chat, of course in the boundaries of decency. ...
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General Ignorance: A plea for tolerance

Lots of people have misconceptions about various destinations. Personally, I've been guilty of: Thinking Tokyo would have been badly affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Thinking Tokyo would ...
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Rude, pointless or lengthy chats in comments

We've been getting a TON of mod notifications recently for rude, abusive, pointless (chatty) or lengthy chats in comments. We get auto notifications for lengthy ones and will clean them up, but we ...
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