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A friendly reminder that this is meta. Questions here do not have to be questions

Apparantly, somebody attempted a meta clean up. At least, I just experienced five questions in the close vote review queue. That in itself is a tad weird considering the number of questions per day ...
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Schengen overview community wiki to avoid duplicates

We are getting a lot of visa questions here and the high number of already existing questions and answers makes it hard to keep track at times. My feeling after being on the site for a while is that ...
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Can we be more careful in marking duplicates on questions that are related but ask for or about different things?

Ironically, a similar question has been asked before two years ago... We need to be more careful about closing questions as duplicates... but that was about questions with answers that might answer ...
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Why is this question about entering the UK marked as a duplicate of a layover question?

How to enter the UK during a layover as a Filipino citizen? is marked as a duplicate of Is there a way to find out if I need a transit visa for a layover in the UK? The first one is about ...
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Another "question closed wrongly" complaint

Okay... I was going to just not come back to this site, but, I can't let this go. It's gnawing at me. (And I want to ask another question.) A couple weeks back, I asked Can non-EU residents request ...
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Should "need Schengen visa?" questions with particular circumstances be closed as duplicate?

I'd like to ask the community opinion based on this question. It is about transiting through Schengen area, and lists specific OP circumstances (transit airport, and citizenship). Questions like that ...
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If an answer works for two different questions, should we mark the new question as a duplicate?

Sometimes, an answer for a question A also works for a question B. While question A & B are different questions and are not really duplicates (as questions), but the answer is an answer for both. ...
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If I have a more general answer, should I create a new general question?

We recently had Does a US permanent resident need a tourist visa to visit Mexico?, which asks whether a Jordanian citizen who is a US permanent resident needs a visa to visit Mexico. In fact, as it ...
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Improving duplicate questions

Being new here I've answered a few questions before they've been marked as duplicate. However, on checking the original answer, on a couple of occasions I believe my answer was still appropriate and ...
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Question does not get answered by duplicate

This question: I have booked a flight from the USA to China and am a dual national. How do I avoid China getting to know this? It got marked as a duplicate, but as I pointed out in the comments, the ...
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Adding detail to existing "encyclopedic" questions - a proposal

We seem to have some "encyclopedic" question on the site, that are intended to cover a wide variety of situations. I see a strong tendency to close questions even remotely related to these "...
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Does this count as a duplicate?

So I was able to answer Does having a TSA Pre-Check member in your flight reservation increase the chances that everyone gets Pre-Check? from Can others in my party go through TSA PreCheck? . The ...
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Editing an older answer and subsequently marking a newer question as a duplicate

In context of this question of mine that was closed as a duplicate, I have a few questions: 1) What is the policy on editing the accepted answer to an older question and then marking a new question ...
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For visa questions, is two different specific destinations enough to rule out deemed 'duplication' even where the destinations are not relevant?

Apparently: Does an Indian need a visa to transfer from Paris ORY to Paris CDG? is not a duplicate of: Do I need a visa to transit (or layover) in the Schengen area? (I was one of five who voted ...
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