I'll (cocomac) be running the photo contest this month (March).

The topic is "breakfast around the world", meaning photos containing breakfast from a variety of places in the world. Feel free to ping me in chat with thoughts on the photo contest themes or if you have ideas!

Remember that if your photo includes people (other than you), you need permission (from them) prior to posting the photo. Alternatively, you can make them unrecognizable.

The contest will end at the end of March (UTC time). The following rules apply (credit to Willeke, but slightly modified):

  • Up to three photos per answer. Photos in the same answer should be related.
  • You can make up to three posts (attempts).
  • Do not delete posts if you don't get votes: you posted it, stand by it. (You have two more attempts if your first one doesn't work out.)
  • All submissions should have a line with when and where the photo(s) was/were taken, along with a description of the subject.
  • The photo has to be taken by the person who posted it, or by a travel partner (needs to be named).
  • Keep it nice, CoC-compliant, non-offensive, and non-NSFW.
  • If you have people recognizable in the photo you have to have their permission to post the photo, or make them unrecognizable.
  • If you disagree with a photo, please consider commenting on it or bringing it up in chat. For the purposes of judging, only upvotes will be considered; downvotes will not affect the score of the photo.
  • The photo may have been taken any time.
  • If there is no tie for the highest number of upvotes at the end of the month, the winner will be announced then; if there is, the voting period may extend beyond the month.
  • If you'd like to suggest a theme for a future photo competition, please add it to the list of possible photo competition topics. Also, you can join us in chat to help us decide which topic to choose.
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The following pics refer to two amazing breakfasts that I had in Warri, Delta State (Nigeria) in August 2022.

Pic 1: spicy fish soup, boiled yam and plantain, palm oil. spicy fish soup, boiled yam and plantain, palm oil

Pic 2: goat meat soup, boiled yam and plantain, palm oil. goat meat soup, boiled yam and plantain, palm oil

I can't keep from thanking Christy for cooking these and more fabulous dishes.

Pic 3: it only got hardcore when I was offered a shot of roots drink or roots wine, featuring several roots, herbs and fruits infused in a base of gin. enter image description here

Now seriously, I am a coffee-and-pastry like guy but I'm so grateful I could experience all of this!

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A cute fruit-lady made with banana, kiwi, grapes, starfruit and strawberries.

Yeah, we had this many fruits in that breakfast.

São Paulo, Brazil, May 2013.

Fruit lady

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The (vegan) brunch buffet at Soya Cantine Bio in Paris. Sunday, January 20, 2019.


English breakfast

Not full English breakfast because it lacks tomato, mushroom, fried bread and black pudding. Not really traditional because hash browns are an imported idea. This is what the fast food chain thinks a traditional Full English Breakfast is.

Eaten by me today, it could be ordered anywhere in UK and be identical.

enter image description here

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"Ciao, un orzo piccolo e una brioche salata per favore!"

This is my take on one of many variations of the average Italian breakfast at the bar: I go for barley coffee instead of the most classic espresso, and the croissant (that we call pasta or cornetto or brioche) is savoury.

Savoury croissant is apparently very typical of my city, Bologna: now I'm working in Modena (30km from here) and, there, they have no idea that it exists. Still, when I talk to people from other Italian cities and I say I prefer the savoury corissant, they are like "the savoury what?" and this is funny to me ;)

Picture taken by me just now, obviously at Bar Tito.

orzo e brioche


English Breakfast.

Some english friends told me it's a good meal if you had drunk too much the night before. I can confirm this is true.

Newcastle upon Tyne, England, March 2010.

Traditional Full English Breakfast

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Traditional German breakfast, aka "Frühstück". From the heart of Bavaria last month.

yummy morning bretzels

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slice of bread, cup of drink and some jars
I have taken a picture of my work day breakfast.
As many Dutch my breakfast is a slice of bread with something out of a jar and a drink, so this will look pretty standard.
My spread is Sandwich spread and my drink a savoury, stock made out of powder, so a little less average. Most Dutch will use jam or peanut butter, or sliced cold meat or cheese and drink coffee or tea.

Photo taken 5 March 2024, Heemskerk, the Netherlands.

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