I posted Where can I find a map of all the canal boat routes in Bangkok? in July 2020. No upvotes, no downvotes, no answers at the time of the deletion. Why did Roomba delete it today (2023-01-07)?

Question: Where can I find a map of all the canal boat routes in Bangkok?

I read on https://www.hotels.com/go/thailand/bangkok-river-boats-ferries#Canal_boats (mirror):

These large, loud, spluttering canal boats can be found chugging up and down Bangkok's many canals. The city's largest khlong (canal) is Saen Seab Canal, which dissects Bangkok from the Old City in the west to Ramkamheng in the far east.

Canal taxi boats have exclusive use of this large artery of water, which means traffic is never a problem. The frequency of these boats changes throughout the day, generally ranging from 5 to 20 minutes between vessels. One journey costs between 9 baht and 19 baht depending on the distance.

In the early mornings and late afternoons, these canal boats are a vital transport link for office workers travelling from downtown Bangkok to the eastern suburbs. Seating becomes scarce around these times, but it offers an intriguing glimpse into the locals' daily routine in the urban jungle.

Where can I find a map of all the canal boat routes (ideally with their stops) in Bangkok?

The only map I could find is for the Khlong Saen Saep boat service, which operates on the Khlong Saen Saep canal:

enter image description here

(image source)

Note that canal boats aren't the same as river boats or river ferries (mirror).

This is a canal boat:

enter image description here

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The criteria can be found here but in short it had been there for a year without upvotes, without an answer, and a general absence of other activity.

  • Thanks, any idea why the question wasn't deleted in July 2021? Commented Jan 8, 2023 at 13:22
  • Sorry, no. There does not seem to have been any activity on it but the timeline does not show views.
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