Yesterday I saw a question that was in the process of getting closed.

At least some of the close voters state that it is a shopping question. I have not a problem with that, but I think if we close this question, we have to think about our general closing policies, because we didn't close a lot of similar questions concerning air travel, as I stated in a comment:

I don't think it is a shopping question. 0x90 is asking for a site where he can search for cheap sea cruises. That's essentially the same as asking for a site to search for air tickets, and we have allowed a lot of such questions.

So basically, what is our guideline here? Should be close all questions that are formulated like this one? Or do we allow such questions?

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I'm in favour of opening this again, as it's not a direct shopping question - like Royal Caribbean vs Disney cruises or 'what's the best cruise?' - he's trying to find a kayak equivalent for cruises. Sure he can google 'cruise' like @JohnFx suggests, but that won't necessarily find kayak if you google 'airline' - it's the comparison site he's after.

I won't use all my moderator powers to reopen - I'd rather see the community do so, so if you agree, please do go vote to reopen the question - there are already two votes for this.


I don't think this is a shopping question at all. I voted to reopen. Casting vote oopsie.

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