In pandemic, family's flicking through old pictures. Because my first two questions here were closed and downvoted, I just wanted to run this draft by you before posting on main site. If this is OK, I'll post it.

I cut out my sibling's head from this picture, but does anyone know where this is? Is there enough detail to identify it?

enter image description here


Your sibling's cut-out head is directly obstructing a large portion of the only distinctive objects in the picture, so what do you think about whether this is a good photograph to identify a location?

Somebody familiar with the area might be able to identify it from the non-obstructed parts, or from the landscape visible in the background. It's certainly much more plausible that somebody can identify this than your last photo. But I wouldn't have particularly high expectations, especially if you can't even provide basic context like the country it was taken in.

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