I came across a question today, about a user asking if Indian citizens need a transit visa for Thailand (Bangkok).

The questions revisions can be viewed here. It was tagged with all the necessary visa and citizenship tags. It was also tagged with Thailand and Bangkok.

I removed the Bangkok tag, just leaving the Thailand tag and all the other tags. The OP then replaced the Thailand tag with the Bangkok tag.

I rolled it back and left a comment:

This question is about Thailand in general, so it needs a Thailand tag, not a Bangkok one

In my opinion this only needs a Thailand tag. Should we assume this for all questions.

In general:

A user might only be travelling to a different city

Say a similar question is asked about an Indian citizen needing a transit visa for another city in Thailand. They search Thailand, but as it isn’t tagged they don’t see that question.

Less duplicates

As mentioned above, less duplicates will be asked.

When will a country have visa rules varying by city?

In general, I don’t see a country having different visa rules per city (apart from some disputed territories)

Are we all in consensus to tag visa question by country not by city?

If you have objections please leave an answer with your view.

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    Regular users rarely use tags to search. Instead they use Google which is very good at identifying relevant questions. Remember that 90% of our traffic comes from search engines.
    – JonathanReez Mod
    Sep 20, 2019 at 17:41

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There are possibly just a handful of cases in which the visa policy depends on the city and/or on the airport to which one is travelling. One that I am aware of is the Transit WithOut Visa policy of China, which applies some restrictions if one travels through certain airports. In these cases it might make sense to have a city-/airport-specific tag for the question. Other than these cases, I would stick to country tags.

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