I think we need to create a few synonyms for the :

  • kids
  • infrant(s)
  • toddlers

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Synonym mapping for 'infant' already existed, I added the others. Tags don't need to be created before one is legitimately used (unused tags get cleaned up anyway) but I feel synonyms are essential to help new users tag posts correctly. (For instance, someone posting about children could think the word 'kids' and not have a suggestion pop-up because it hasn't been set as a synonym.


I don't think we need to create synonyms until they have been actually used by someone. Pre-emptively increasing the number of tags doesn't sound like good idea to me -- we have a ridiculous amount of tags already, and there's no need to increase it unnecessary.

  • Personally I don't mind either way. I thought we aleady had a synonym or two for this one though. Commented Jan 29, 2012 at 16:57

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