Are questions about destination selection on topic?

I can think of a few examples:-

  • Which ski resort in Switzerland is best for a 7 day stay if we are novice skiiers?
  • Which island in Thailand would be most approriate for a family interested in nature, local culture, budget of 1000 THB/night and wishing to avoid "night life" ?
  • Where should I travel to see an Australian Rules Football game?

I'm assuming there would be some criteria for specificity, and the above could be expanded into something specific enough (probably not as-is).

(This meta question about recommendations is related, but different).

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Yes they are on-topic as long as they are not subjective or open-ended etc. Use the tag on such questions.

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Definitely make sure they're not subjective. The 'Which ski resort is best' IS subjective. Try to avoid that.

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