There is inconsistent tag naming between insurance and travel-insurance-claim.

Travel-insurance is a synonym of insurance but travel-insurance-claim doesn’t have an insurance-claim synonym.

We need to synchronise the tags.

  • Make both tags contain travel or not

  • Make the other a synonym

I think we need to keep travel in the tag, since we are a travel site and do not handle car or personal insurance questions.

I propose:

  • Have travel-insurance and travel-insurance-claims tags

  • Have insurance and insurance-claims synonyms

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I'll debate against using the "travel-" prefix.

This is a travel site and the domain is travel.stackexchange.com. I think that makes travel implicit and there's no need for explicit prefixes, like , , etc.

I don't expect this answer to get upvoted.


I think that travel-insurance and insurance are different tags which can refer to different things: car insurance whilst on a road trip comes to mind. I think the two are distinct topics and should be kept separate.

I would merge *-claims with the corresponding * since those are indeed redundant.

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