Theme for July 2019, bridges.

Any bridge you can drive or walk over, or use whatever other method of crossing. And that includes natural bridges which have no human access and miniatures.

The bridge needs to be recognizable as a bridge.


  • 1 photo per answer.
  • You may submit more than 1 answer per user. But keep it to no more than 3 posts.
  • Try and keep it non offensive.
  • All entries should include a line of text with the location and subject of the photo and when the photo was taken, date for recent photos, month for 'a few years old' and year only of old ones.
  • The photo has to be taken by the user* who posted it and taken in the time frame given in the description for that month's photo. (*Or one of a two people team, give credit to the actual person who took the photo, nick names are acceptable.)
  • Remember we are 'Travel' stack exchange. If you can give the photo or its description a travel connection, you should get more votes (and/or stand a better chance on getting the virtual prize.)

The next rules changes per month, the subject of the picture and its 'when it was taken'.

For the month of July I would like to set the rules:

  • The photo can have been taken anytime.
  • The subject of the photo is bridges, all allowed as long as recognizable as bridge.
  • The photo should not be of people, as such, but if one or more are be in the picture make sure you either have them in such a way you can not recognize them or you should have permission to post their photo online. It is up to the person posting the photo to make sure that it is up to the laws of the country where the picture was taken.
  • No entries/photos should be posted before the 1st of July 2019, voting will run till midnight, the last seconds of July 2019* and to be clear, we use UTC, just like the site itself. (*Or as soon after as your main judge can see the votes.)

If you want to join in sharing themes for future competitions, please see the suggested topics question. Just edit your suggestions into the community wiki answers there. And to have a say in which one will be selected next month, do a suggestion, soon after a month started, in the You Are Here chat. Be ready to defend your choice for a while, as more people might post suggestions.

Please do not delete posts if you do not get upvotes (or even get down votes.) It is what you entered, stand by it. You can post two more entries to change your luck.

And do not downvote, (we can technically not stop you doing so but it is not nice to see downvotes on a photo which has done nothing wrong.) Only upvotes will be counted to hand out the prizes.
(If you think a photo does not meet the rules, you can post a comment or ask about it in the chat.)

Helm wins the bragging rights, the most upvoted photo this month, (and the last vote that made the difference did come in July.)
JJJ wins the virtual prize. This month that is a walk through a puddle. Not included wellies to splash nor a cape to spread over the puddle. (And he may have to make his own puddle, depending on where he lives.)

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Bridge in Tbilisi, summer 2015

enter image description here


enter image description here

Bridge in Castellane, France. Taken June 2013. The cliff on the left side is the base of the Roc of Notre-Dame.


Floods in Prague, 2013. Luckily didn't get as bad as the floods in 2002.

enter image description here


Classic shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, March 2018

enter image description here


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