In the past few months the photo competition has gained some popularity here on Travel Meta. You can find all previous editions back via .

Do you have suggestions for topics for the photo competition? This can either be

Please add your suggestions at the bottom of the correct list in the community wiki answers, with your name. (a link to your profile is preferred, but can be added by someone else if you do not know how to)


Single photo, multiple entries

  • Ghost towns, by Dirty-flow
  • Trees, by Bernhard
  • Kites, by Bernhard
  • Local markets, by nightgaunt
  • Waterfalls, by nightgaunt
  • Natural water splashing off things like shoreline and boats, by sue.
  • Unusual modes of transportation, by JJJ
  • The countryside, by JJJ
  • Checkpoints (e.g. for entering parks / countries or just for passing through), by JJJ
  • Construction (any work in progress that's meant to enable / enhance travel), by JJJ
  • Most illegal-looking (but not actually illegal) photo, by Mark Mayo
  • Mountains, by Mark Mayo
  • Wildlife (there is animals already chosen, but I want to specify not domestic), by Mark Mayo
  • Foreign food, by Mark Mayo
  • Pets traveling, by Willeke
  • Places/buildings/scenes that no longer exist, by Greg Hewgill
  • Waterfeatures (fountains and (animal) drinking basins,) by Willeke
  • Civic buildings, by gparyani
  • Country borders (obvious or not-so-obvious), by Midavalo
  • Seen from the hotel room, by Dirty-flow
  • Lighthouses, by Greg Hewgill
  • Places of worship, by Dirty-flow
  • Reflections, (on water, on shiny surfaces, on walls, ...) by Willeke
  • Decorated walls, (mosaics, painted, graffiti, pargetting, ....) by Willeke
  • Art, craft or (traditional) workmanship, by Willeke

Selected topics


Single entry, multiple photos

  • Countries by Bernhard

    The idea is to describe your experience with a certain country with a set of pictures. This can be culture, nature, people, food, buildings. The rule can also be to have one photo for each of these categories, but that might be a bit too restrictive.

  • Castles by Dirty-flow

    Castles are usually quite big and have many faces. The photos can be from inside and outside the castle.

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