In the past few months the photo competition has gained some popularity here on Travel Meta. You can find all previous editions back via .

Do you have suggestions for topics for the photo competition? This can either be

Please add your suggestions at the bottom of the correct list in the community wiki answers, with your name. (a link to your profile is preferred, but can be added by someone else if you do not know how to)

The next topic will be chosen by the person posting the competition question, often but not always after discussing the topic in the You Are Here chat.
If you want to make a suggestion for the next month, from the list or a new topic which still has to be added to the list, please come into the chat and mention it.


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Single photo, multiple entries

  • Officials (police, customs officers, diplomats etc) by Mark Mayo
  • Ghost towns, by Dirty-flow
  • Kites, by Bernhard
  • Local markets, by nightgaunt
  • Natural water splashing off things like shoreline and boats, by sue.
  • Unusual modes of transportation, by JJJ
  • The countryside, by JJJ
  • Checkpoints (e.g. for entering parks / countries or just for passing through), by JJJ
  • Construction (any work in progress that's meant to enable / enhance travel), by JJJ
  • Most illegal-looking (but not actually illegal) photo, by Mark Mayo
  • Pets traveling, by Willeke
  • Places/buildings/scenes that no longer exist, by Greg Hewgill
  • Civic buildings, by gparyani
  • Seen from the hotel room, by Dirty-flow
  • Places of worship, by Dirty-flow
  • Reflections, (on water, on shiny surfaces, on walls, ...) by Willeke
  • Art, craft or (traditional) workmanship, by Willeke
  • holiday photos, in which you can recognize people traveling for their (yearly?) break from work, by ?
  • Doors, gates, or other portals, by choster
  • Remarkable weather (blizzards, lightning, signs of severe drought/storm surge/gales, unusual rainbows, etc.), by choster
  • Items you have made/repaired that you use while traveling, either your own inventions, variations on well known items or very useful repairs on travel items. (More related things possible.) By Willeke
  • Cemetery, by Bernhard
  • Most beautiful (or curious) banknotes collected in travels, by MattAllegro
  • Photos you got wrong. Like blurs, light seeped in, focus on the wrong part of the photo. Does not need to be a beautiful photo but people will still vote for what they like, by Willeke
  • Photos of lettering, by MattAllegro
  • Inside Cave, by Ankit Sharma
  • Panoramic photos, by MattAllegro

Selected topics

  • @Willeke should "Photos you got wrong" be among the selected topics? :) Commented Feb 17, 2022 at 18:56
  • 1
    @MattAllegro, yes, I had not updated it yet and now have computer problems. But as this is a wiki you can do it.
    – Willeke Mod
    Commented Feb 17, 2022 at 20:40

Single entry, multiple photos

  • Something old and something new (and if you find them, also something borrowed and something blue.) Up to four related pictures which follow the old wedding rhyme. By Willeke

  • The same location in an old and a new photo, in which you can see it is the same location but you can also see it has differences. Two photos in each entry (or maybe more if you have an in between one as well.) By Willeke

Selected topics


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