For March 2019 the theme for the Travel Stack Exchange photo competition will be Bus stops and other places where people start (or finish) communal travel.

Inspiration: Bus and train stations, car share parking areas, hitch hikers in a line on the side of a road, ferry landing areas, airports. So not buses, train, planes and ferries themselves, it is where you start (or end) the travel.

No time limit, photo has to be yours or your travel companions and name the actual person who took the photo (nick names are acceptable.)

The photo should not be of people, as such, but it is rather likely that one or more will be in the picture. If so, either in such a way you can not recognize them or you should have permission to post their photo online.

This is the pre-anouncement, the full competition post will be edited in later.

Please do not post before the first of March.

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