I'm currently planning to move to Ireland one day. I currently live in Austria and visit a higher school.

I want to go to university in Austria, but right after graduation with my master's degree I want to move to Ireland asap.

In order to find the perfect university or plan my future best, I need some information about moving to other countries, especially Ireland.

These are questions like:

  • How much money should one save before moving?
  • Where can you get contact to Irish people to already have someone to talk to?
  • How are job perspectives in the other country?
  • How should one apply to jobs or apartments?

Which websites or consulting services (in Austria) exist`?

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Really not the right place to post (here on meta). You should be posting travel questions on travel.stackexchange.com, and information on moving/expats on expatriates.stackexchange.com. But make sure you read the help on each site, and don't ask more than one question per post - it makes it easier for the knowledge experts to find your questions :)

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