I just posted an answer to this question here Accessing the Mount Teide summit without permit , and somebody deleted it.

I must say I'm rather annoyed by this. When I travelled to Tenerife I had precisely this question in my mind, and found it in this website, but it had no useful answer. I had to find out by myself how to climb the Teide without a permit.

Being of a generous heart, I decided to share my knowledge here to save future travellers the trouble and bam, my answer disappears.

I don't really know how this works, but I guess somebody here could restore my answer. Thanks.

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I am responsible for deleting your answer after it was flagged. The reason I deleted it is that we do not condone posts in which people explain how to do things that are illegal. In my opinion your answer does exactly that:

[...] You just need to go around the guards [...]


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