The annual Winterbash is on again, so grab your hats while you can!

Overall, Travel is currently ranked 26th.

Travel's own leaderboard is visible here.

Current top 5:

  1. JonathanReez - 26 hats.
  2. Mark Mayo - 23 hats.
  3. Jan - 18 hats.
  4. Zach Lipton - 16 hats.
  5. dda - 16 hats.

There are several places to look, the first is here: https://winterbash2017.stackexchange.com/ It tells you which hats are open knowledge, a few more are secret, and how to get those hats.

And you can go to places like the big mega post about hats.
There usually is also a chat room about the hats, this year it is here.

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