There is a field in the top right corner of any Travel SE site (most of the times) that shows four HOT META POSTS and featured posts on Meta. Right now all four of these spots are filled up with featured posts.
Can we free those spots?

enter image description here

I'm not regularly checking Meta and I like how this box made me aware of new discussions there. Featured posts are fine but they should not be blocking the actual Meta for weeks in a row. At least leave two open spots and rotate a bit more through featured status. (Personally I also think the featured posts have now been seen by those who care and most if not all of them can be un-featured, but this is not what I want this post to be about.)


Done. Only 2 posts are now featured. I can't guarantee it will always stay at 2, but it's reasonable to only limit ourselves to a few at a time.

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    @mts funnily enough your own post is now taking up a featured spot :) – JonathanReez Apr 13 '17 at 20:08
  • Yep, your solution apparently worked as this q/a now shows up in Hot Meta Posts. – reirab Apr 17 '17 at 21:44

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