When seeing the questions from the main page the accepted questions has the green coloured circle. Like the below:

Answered and Accepted - Green coloured circled

But in the Questions page, the accepted questions are doesn't have the green coloured circle on it.

When inspect the element for the answers block, the css class answered-accepted is applied for the accepted post, but it is not reflect in the page.

Screenshot for reference:

The question doesn't have the accepted answer, the css class is answered

Answered post

The question has the accepted answer, the css class is answered-accepted

Answered and accepted post

  • The green background and white text at TSE is actually set on the div.mini-counts, which is a child element of div.answered-accepted on some screens but not on the Questions views, and this seems to be true across SE. Workplace sets the background on div.answered-accepted whereas English Language Learners sets the background on the [strong] child element.
    – choster
    Commented Mar 14, 2017 at 22:58


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