I think the nature of Transferring at Zürich Airport do I need to go through Passport Control or only Security? is clear from the Title (I wrote it).

Initially tagged by OP with I edited to, amongst other things, replace that tag with:

I did not add tag on the basis that transit is an inherent aspect of short connections (and others).

Another user has added .

Is the addition appropriate?

There are 112 Open posts tagged at present, of which 38 are also tagged .

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Usage guide for (as last edited by me) is currently:

Where connections, typically between flights, leave little margin (such as close to Minimum Connection Times between terminals).

Usage guide for is currently:

Passing through a place briefly while travelling on the way to somewhere else.

The former has no synonyms, the latter has 'connection'.

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No, only one tag should be usually sufficient, for the same reason why questions about Berlin should avoid doing all 5 possible tags: , , , , . It would also make it easier to find questions which focus exclusively on one aspect or the other in the future.


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