Dear Stack Exchange development programmer computer science engineer IT hackers.

If one day you think we're big and mature enough to give us a cool feature of our own that other Stack Exchange sites don't have, here is one we would like which ought to be very simple since it ought to work just like a standard feature.

There is a wiki for travellers running on MediaWiki software at wikitravel.org and since our SE site is also about travel we reference it a lot.

But you know how when you paste a Wikipedia link into a chat room on its own line it expands into the first bit of the article with a photo? It would be lovely to have the exact same happen when posting a wikitravel link too.

What do you think?

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I've added basic handling for this; for some reason the images are being a bit fiddly (despite the API appearing to support them, it isn't playing ball). We'll see if we can get those in due course.


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