@Bill the Lizard gave this rule of thumb on SOmeta:

Merging should only happen when the answers to one question are a perfect match to another. If there's information missing from one set of answers, it's probably not a good merge candidate.

Given the likes of:

Q: Windows 10 Wallpaper - photo location

I've upgraded my laptop to Win10, and I have this wallpaper on my screen: I like this place and I wanted to know - where it exactly is? Search in Internet gave me this old post about windows wallpapers and similar question on Microsoft site with no answer. …

Q: What is the location of this Windows 10 wallpaper?

Saw this from Windows 10 wallpaper. Hope that someone can help find this - blue lake with snowy mountain. I want to go here one day! Looks very serene. …

Q: Where was this photo taken? (Windows 10 lock screen)

Can someone point to a location, where this photograph was taken? It looks stunning! This is one of lockscreen wallpapers in Windows 10. …

Q: Where was this photograph used as a Windows 10 wallpaper taken? [duplicate]

The photograph below is available as a wallpaper in Windows 10. Where was it taken? …

Q: Where was this photo taken? Windows 10 photo lock screen

This photo popped upon my screen today, and I would actually really like to travel to this location one day. Does anyone know where it was taken?

Q: Wallpaper picture location - Lake with mountains

There is a Windows 10 lock screen wallpaper that really caught my attention. Does anyone know the location of this picture? Thank …

Q. Would like to know where this picture was taken

this picture showed up on the Windows Lock Screen and I would like to know where it was taken. I hope you can help me.

And in particular:

Q: Is there a website listing the location of all the Windows 10 lock screens?

Windows 10 has an extensive collection of lock screen photos, many of which have prompted a question here on Travel.SE. Is there a website which lists the location of all of these photos? I imagine …

where @JonathaReez's Answer includes:

Windows 10 has added an update in the latest version allowing users to see where the photo came from.

Are any of the above candidates for a merger?

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For the time being, Windows itself is providing information on the lock screen as to where the pictures are from. This was a recently added feature, and could be removed again. JonathonReez's Q/A would now, to my mind, be a good reason to close any new questions as dupes. However, the other answers all contain information that is not in Is there a website listing the location of all the Windows 10 lock screens? - specifically, they contain information of where the picture in the first question was taken.

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