In my review queue I recently find a lot of old questions (> 2 years say) that are to be closed as duplicates. With most of them I agree in principle, but the relevant text when closing questions as duplicates says

This question has been asked before and already has an answer.

where the emphasis is mine. The point is, in most of these cases that is strictly speaking not true, i.e. the question that is now in the review queue had been asked before the suggested duplicate.

I agree about the duplicate content and I do not want to advocate the strict reading of the rules here but rather gather some opinions from among us.

What triggered this question was this post from Dec 2014 which received an excellent (and even accepted) answer from @GayotFow only to receive it's first upvote from me one and a half years later. The suggested dupe here is slightly older (July 2014) and does not exactly fit the general situation I want to describe.

We had a related discussion here on meta about questions that should be closed as off-topic.

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