Based on this question, I think are more tag groups that need attention. I am thinking about public transport which does seem to include trams and buses but not trains, with high speed trains a separate tag again.

Adding and editing some tag info recently made me think there is a lot of tags made by rather new users which need attention. (At only 300 points you can make a tag, which is very early in my view, but that is for a different question.)

If people mention tags and tag groups that need attention here, we can work on them. I am willing to help with those tags and tag groups I understand, but as a user on the level I am I can not do all.

  • Consider that tags attached to zero questions get burninated automatically after one month. In other words if a new user creates a random tag and you remove it from the question it's likely the tag won't stick around.
    – JoErNanO Mod
    Apr 9, 2016 at 18:11
  • 1
    One of the problems with transportation is that there are multiple overlapping terms, with sometimes conflicting definitions, which a local person may use differently from an industry person. Consider recent comments here about whether Uber is a taxi (or what kind of taxi it is), or Wikipedia's squabbling over what to call the article currently at limited-access road, or the basic observations that the San Diego Trolley is not a trolley, and the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is not a tram, and the Southern California Rapid Transit District never operated any rapid transit.
    – choster
    Apr 12, 2016 at 1:37

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Which tags and tag groups need attention

Simply put, every single tag and hence also all tag "groups" (though we are not allowed to 'group' tags - see for example “Tagging” tags (so to speak)).

While I would very much appreciate any help with tagging, it is worth bearing in mind that many users do not, in practice (even if claiming to approve 'in theory').

We do presently have a Usage guide for every singe tag (almost) applied to any Open question - with something of an 'action plan' (see September 2016 Tag Rename & Synonym MegaQuestion) for a few remaining 'special problem' tags.

Regarding specifically I have chosen to classify the following as 'sub-categories' (only for my own purposes):

(so nothing specifically about modes of travel) and regarding :

Regarding modes of transport I have sub-categorised as below:

There are various obvious tags missing from the above mostly because for them I chose to sub-categorise under the tag :

I will consider sub-categorsing (presently I have 180 tags lumped together under that category) once the renaming/synonymising is up-to date. There are a further 140 or so tags that I have not (yet?) categorised at all. Note that the tag information from SEDE is only updated weekly and even on update lags the 'main' database by days even so.

I would suggest the priority is to address questions tagged on meta. If the Community will not indicate its preferences then there is no hope of significant progress.

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