There's 200+ late answers in the queue, I started looking at them and all the ones I saw were answered a while ago (a few months to a year). They're not recent at all and some were even upvoted many times already. It's interesting to note many answers seem valid as well

Any idea what's going on ?

enter image description here

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    Fortunately as people review them it's reducing, we're down to a queue of ~45 now.
    – Mark Mayo
    Commented Sep 29, 2015 at 23:06

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It appears to have been a network-wide event, as expats also had a lot (percentage-wise). I presume it's a script that's identified a subset of answers on each site based on some criteria (some seem to contain question marks, for example?), and then they're being raised for re-review. It's quite a clever way really of cleaning up some old answers.

It's been discussed on meta.SE:

Why did the late answer queue spike on Sep 29, 2015?.


It would appear to be the result of a change in policy on what gets Late Answers sent to the review queue.

It used to be answers by users with a reputation of less than 10 after a certain time had elapsed on the question.

On 29th September the reputation threshold was raised to 50, meaning a lot more answers were destined for the queue.

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