So I started to ask a question that I already knew some of the answer to. https://travel.stackexchange.com/questions/55705/how-can-one-tell-if-one-needs-a-visa-what-type-one-needs (now deleted, so only visible to those with enough rep). I then noticed that this question basically already exists: Is there any online resource that can tell me what visa rules are for passport holders of a specific country?

Should we be closing any straightforward (IE "Do I need a visa for X country") questions as duplicates of this? On the one hand, the question isn't exactly a duplicate. On the other, if they read the answers to the "resource" question, then they won't need to ask here for any future journeys.

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I'd verge on the side of saying no to closing those as duplicates, since duplicates are meant more for exact / perfect duplicate questions. So while the catchall "how can I check" question does ultimately provide an answer, it's not a direct duplicate since novice travellers may not be aware of what details need to be filled out to get the correct answer.

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